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Medical Weight Loss

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Semaglutide works by reducing hunger and thereby making it easier to maintain a sensible diet. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, many clients are seeing outstanding weight loss results. Contact us to find out more about our best selling weight loss product.

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Losing weight is Hard. Being Overweight is Hard. Choose your Hard.

B Lean Infusion

This IV drip contains taurine, B1, B3, B2,B5, and B6 vitamins. It also contains Methylcobalamin, the active form of B12. This formula converts fat into energy, enhances physical performance, and increases energy.

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Lipo-Trim Sublingual Spray

Lipo-Trim helps convert fat into energy. Because it is sublingual it has faster absorption than if taken in pill form. It is a combination of amino acids, B vitamins, African Mango Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Raspberry Ketone Extract.

Lipo or Mic Injection

This injection helps convert fat into energy, increases energy levels, and reduces appetite. It also builds muscle and promotes a healthy immune system. It also helps to eliminate stored fat in the body, including the liver.

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Weight loss doesn’t begin in the gym - It starts in your head with a DECISION

Customizable Meal Plans

It’s not easy to conjure up healthy meals that also taste good. We will provide you with customizable meal plans to fit your budget and lifestyle. We also believe that although healthy and fresh foods cost more initially, the benefits more than pay for itself! Let us help you get on a practical food and lifestyle change.



You’ll meet with our certified staff weekly for weigh-ins and to discuss your progress in a judgement-free, positive environment. Appointments can also be done via telehealth if unable to make it to the office.


What to Expect?

Sometimes it takes more than just "will power" to achieve your healthy body weight. Let us take a personalized look at what works best for you. You will work with an accredited medical weight loss nurse practitioner who will provide you with the best options - not the latest trend. Together we will design a weight loss program that is SAFE and EFFECTIVE. Don't wait another day to book your free consultation. You have nothing to lose -  but pounds. 

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